Reasons you’ll fall in love with carpet

When choosing the perfect floor covering for your home, carpet can easily stand up to many of the prerequisites you have in place. It’s a great focus material when your sights are set on the most beautiful floor covering you can find, yet it offers extensive benefits that play into the decor and functionality of many homeowner’s plans and dreams for their floors. It’s likely to be an excellent choice for many areas in your own home and its lifespan will leave you loving your floors for decades.

Custom Floors offers a large inventory of reputable floor coverings and a professional team of associates who stand ready to match you with the one that perfectly meets your needs. Always striving for complete satisfaction for our customers, we’ll make sure to listen carefully to your needs and expectations and then we’ll do our best to make sure we meet those needs. Enjoy a free estimate to make sure your budget will be on track and we’ll get started right away. From our Rocky Hill, CT showroom, we serve the areas of Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, Cromwell, Glastonbury, and Hartford, and we’ll be looking forward to providing you with floor covering as well.

Carpet has changed over the years

Now, more than ever before, carpet is one of the best materials you can have installed in your home. Not only is it still the one soft surface floor covering that looks homey and beautiful in any space, but it has benefits that your grandparents would never have believed possible. Changes in manufacturing techniques have made it possible to do things with this material that were unexpected while also catering to a longer lifespan for many products.

Stain resistance is one of the most sought-after features in carpet, and some brands have made this a massive priority. Building protection against stains into the very fibers of this flooring, stains no longer become set in and permanent and the protection lasts for the life of your flooring. This means no reapplying chemicals that be harsh on your family’s health as well as harsh on the environment.

Some other great benefits you’ll experience with carpet in your home include allergen resistance, noise reduction, heat retention, and a much safer surface for those in your home that very young or very old. Falls happen all the time, but this material makes it easier to keep your footing and if a fall does happen, it’s less likely to result in serious injury.

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